Viewer - Room Display Controls



  • Show contextual help. Small balloons will appear on screen to explain what each button does.
  • View the cart. You'll be able to see the current order, edit it, make a payment, view the payment history, or send or print a receipt.
  • The order's name. Displays the current order name and when tapped opens a panel to edit the order's name, select its price list, and select its sales tax rate.
  • Add a photo or layout to the room display. Photos are shown at the top and layouts below.
  • Select a different room image for the display.
  • Toggle the grid on or off. Depending on the units selected the marks will be at either 1 in or 1 cm increments.
  • Toggle the thumbnails strip to be visible or hidden.
  • Toggle editing mode on the order's room displays.


  • Toggle room display metadata display on or off. This metadata includes the photo name and size.
  • Select the viewer section: Photos, Layouts, or Room Displays. The current section is indicated in blue.
  • Print or email the currently selected room display.
  • Add a new room display to the order.
  • Toggle thumbnail metadata display on or off.