Viewer - Room Displays

The room display section of the viewer contains all of the controls for viewing and interacting with the room displays in the order. The section contains the room display area on the left, an optional thumbnail strip on the right, and toolbars top and bottom with controls for interacting with the room displays.


The controls in the top and bottom bars contain all the buttons to interact with the room displays beyond just moving items. You can add items to the selected room display, change the room background, turn on or off the grid, add additional room displays, and change different presentation options.

Detailed Description of the Controls

Adding a Room Display

  1. Tap the + button near the bottom right to add a room display to the order.
  2. You'll be presented with a list of the room templates to choose from and the ability to add a new one. Choose one add one.

Adding Items to a Room Display

If you haven't added any photos yet, be sure to take a look at Loading Photos into an Order.

  1. Tap on the add item button at the top next to the order name.
  2. Select a photo or layout to add it to the room display. Photos are displayed at the top of the listing and layouts right below. By default this only shows photos that are picks or neutrals. Tap on the title of the popup to adjust the filter.

You can interact with the room display to move or remove items using different gestures.

  • Tap and drag to move an item.
  • Tap and drag with two fingers to move all items.
  • Tap the delete button on an item to remove it from the room display.