Viewer - Photo Controls



  • Show contextual help. Small balloons will appear on screen to explain what each button does.
  • View the cart. You'll be able to see the current order, edit it, make a payment, view the payment history, or send or print a receipt.
  • View notes. Notes for the currently selected single photo or highlighted photo will appear here and can be edited. The button is highlighted when a note is set.
  • The order's name. Displays the current order name and when tapped opens a panel to edit the order's name, select its price list, and select its sales tax rate.
  • Enable ratings mode. In this mode the selected photos will show the Yes/Maybe/No ratings controls at the bottom of each one.
  • Enable size assignment mode. Use this mode to assign a size to the selected photos. You will be able to assign a preset size based on the products you have configured or enter a different size manually. Assigning a size automatically assigns the same crop aspect ratio.
  • Enable cropping mode. Cropping mode allows you to adjust the crop of the selected photos. Each selected photo is displayed with a crop box and aspect ratio controls below. If a finishing is assigned that has an outer margin set (e.g., a gallery wrap) it will be displayed in yellow around the crop box.
  • Enable finishing assignment mode. Both the style (e.g., color, black and white, or sepia) and the finishing (e.g., a gallery wrap) can be set here.
  • Toggle the thumbnails strip to be visible or hidden.
  • Filter the photos by rating or aspect.


  • Enable displaying at scale. When attached to an external screen photos can be displayed at actual size (up to the size of the screen) if a size is assigned.
  • Select screen calibration. To display photos to scale a screen calibration needs to be created for your screen. This button allows you to choose the calibration for the currently attached screen.
  • Link panning and zooming of photos. Enabling this links the panning and zooming when multiple photos are selected. When panning or zooming a photo the same relative point for all other photos selected will be panned or zoomed as well.
  • Toggle photo metadata display on or off. This metadata includes the photo name, note status, and size.
  • Select the viewer section: Photos, Layouts, or Room Displays. The current section is indicated in blue.
  • Play a slideshow. You'll be prompted to select a slideshow preset to play.
  • Print or email the currently selected photos.
  • Open the ordering panel to select the items for the currently selected photos.
  • Toggle thumbnail metadata display on or off.
  • Toggle between square or aspect-sized thumbnails.