Viewer - Photos

The photo section of the viewer contains all of the controls for viewing and interacting with the order's photos. The section is made up of a large photo viewing area on the left, an optional thumbnail strip on the right, and toolbars top and bottom with controls for interacting with the photos.


The controls in the top and bottom bars contain all the buttons to interact with the photos beyond just viewing and rating. You can place the order and receive payments, size and crop the photos, and change different presentation options.

Detailed Description of the Controls

Viewing Photos

If you haven't added any photos yet, be sure to take a look at Loading Photos into an Order

Viewing photos works much the same as the native Photos app:

  • Swipe left or right to switch between.
  • Double-tap on a point to fully zoom in.
  • Pinch to zoom in or out.
  • Tap a thumbnail to go directly to it.

It also offers a few more gestures to streamline viewing photos and narrowing down choices:

  • Two-finger tap on a thumbnail to add to or remove from the selection. Doing the same on the larger image with multiple selected will deselect it.
  • Tap and hold on a thumbnail to select a range.
  • With multiple photos selected, tap on a large image to highlight it and fill the viewing area without changing the selection.

If you have a continuous range of photos selected, previous and next buttons will appear at the bottom of the thumbnails list to quickly switch to the previous or next grouping of the same size. If you make a mistake and accidentally deselect everything, just tap "Undo Selection" at the bottom of the thumbnails list to reverse it.

Rating Photos

Each photo can have a Yes/Maybe/No rating to help narrow down choices when placing an order. You can change the rating of any selected photo by tapping

, or
while in ratings mode.

The rating can also be change while playing a slideshow using a preset with the rating controls enabled.

Sizing Photos

Each photo can optionally have a display size assigned to it. Assigning the size is done by switching to the sizing mode of the viewer photos section and either typing in a custom size or tapping on one of the presets

Photo Sizes

Cropping Photos

Photos can also optionally have a crop assigned. This crop is shown only on the large preview of the photo — the thumbnail shows the photo as it was loaded. Assigning a crop is done by switching to the cropping mode of the viewer photos section and dragging the crop frame, optionally changing the aspect ratio.

Photo Cropping

Selecting a Finishing or Color Option

Finishings can be assigned to a photo in the finishing mode of the viewer photos section. The photo will be displayed with any settings or frame borders defined by the finishing to scale with the photo's current display size. In this mode you can also preview the photo in color, B&W, or sepia.

Finishings and Colors

Ordering Photos

While Studio Pro can be just just to proof photos, it's also fully capable of placing an order and receiving payment. Ordering photos begins by selecting the photo(s) to order and tapping the Order button at the bottom.

Ordering Photos