Studio Pro Overview

Studio Pro is split into two main sections: the client ledger and the viewer. Both of these sections have a separate, lockable configuration section that's reached by tapping the configuration button in the top left corner.

Client Ledger

The client ledger is the central starting point for Studio Pro. The top row holds the listing of all clients you've created while the lower area shows a summary of each order for the selected client. The most recent order is shown first. From this screen you can add and edit clients, add orders, and also configure much of the app.

The Client Ledger


The viewer, like its name implies, is responsible for all viewing. You enter the viewer by either adding an order to a client or selecting an existing order. It's also responsible for both loading in photos to view and placing an order.

The Viewer

Getting Started

Whether you want to place an order or just do a proofing session you'll need to start with the same basic steps. If you get lost just tap the help button that appears on almost every panel.

  1. Start with adding a client by tapping the + button at the top right. You can choose to enter just the client's name or the contact information as well. The client can always be edited in the future to add or update this information.
  2. Add an order by tapping the + at the bottom right corner. When you do this you'll automatically be taken into the viewer and entered into configuration mode.
  3. Add photos by tapping on the Photos configuration button in the middle.
  4. You're now ready to run a proofing session. If you'd like to take an order as well you can spend time configuring the products, finishings, and price lists. Depending on your location you may also need to set up the sales tax rates.