Card Processors

One of the payment methods for orders is charging a credit or check card. Studio Pro has built-in support for Authorize.NET, Stripe, and PayJunction but also offers you the option of inputting a credit card transaction manually while running the card itself outside of the app (e.g., Square, PayPal Here, or a physical card swipe terminal).

Configuration of these differs slightly depending on the processor but all generally require the two API key values that can be found in the administrative portion of the processor's website. One additional configuration setting that each processor option has is a toggle to put it in testing mode. Using this setting you can run a test transaction once it's set up to make sure everything is working correctly.

Supported Processors


Configuring Authorize.NET will need the two values that Authorize.NET refers to as the API Login ID and the Transaction Key. Both of these can be found in the dashboard under Account → Security Settings → API Login ID and Transaction Key. You will need your Secret Question answer to view an existing Transaction Key.


Stripe also has two sets of values for testing and production. It refers to these values as the Secret Key and the Publishable Key. They are found in the administrative dashboard under your account → Account Settings → API Keys.


PayJunction uses a username and password to authenticate to your account. It refers to these values as the API Login and the API Password.

Quick Configuration

While you can type in each of keys needed to use your processor, most keys are difficult to type and prone to typos. On iPads running iOS 7 or newer you can scan a QR code on your computer's screen to quickly load in the configuration values. A QR code can be generated by pasting in your API keys here: Studio Pro API Key Loader.