A proofing app for your iPad.

Maximize your print sales using the industry-proven approach to presenting your photos.

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Boost Your Sales

Studio Pro brings an in-person photo presentation, sales, and proofing app to the iPad with an industry-proven approach to maximize print sales. With a well-tailored, streamlined interface to run the session you can easily run the viewings and take the order at the same time. Narrow down photo choices quickly, create layouts, and show your clients exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls using Studio Pro's powerful viewer.

Photographers can run an entire proofing session from right in the app, even receiving payment via cash, check, or card (Authorize.NET, Balanced, Stripe, and PayJunction are currently supported with the option to send out to the Square Register or PayPal Here apps). With support back to iOS 6 it provides a great experience on iPads as old as the iPad 2 or the newest iPad Air.


Photo Proofing

Narrow down photo choices quickly with a streamlined rating system to make the ordering session as easy as possible.

Room Previews

Preview prints and layouts to scale right in the room. Load in an actual photo of your client's room or take one with the iPad. Several stock rooms are also included.

Custom Layouts

Create wall layouts to match your product offerings or use one of the many built-in ones. Fill them with photos and email or add to an order.


Stream the presentation wirelessly via AirPlay to any Apple TV or Mac running AirServer. Show a photo at scale to help sell larger product offerings.

Place an Order

Add your price list and you can take a client's order right in the viewer. Then send them an invoice or take a payment via cash, check, or card all without leaving the app.

Crop and Size

Change crops and display sizes without making any permanent changes to the photos. Toggle between proofing, cropping, sizing, and finishing modes with one tap.

Select Multiple

Select multiple photos to view side-by-side while proofing. Pinch to zoom in, maybe linking them to zoom in on the same area in all photos.

Lock the Interface

Lock the interface to prevent clients or employees from accessing the pricing configuration areas.

Integrated Card Payments

Run the card right in the app for Authorize.NET, Balanced, Stripe, or PayJunction. Send the transaction to the Square or PayPal Here apps to use your existing card swipe.